Best 10 Website to Download Books in PDF [FREE]

Download any Books in PDF for Free

What is eBook ? 

eBook is an electronic Book which you can download from Internet in Formats like Text File, PDF File, MOBI, etc. In these developing Days, People are downloading PDF but most of them they don’t know How to Download and from where to download. Here I am going to Tell some best websites so that you can download eBooks for free of cost.

1) Library Genesis

Library Genesis

Library Genesis is a digital library or search engines for Books that give access to more than 2 Millions Book, Journal, Articles, Paper on many topics like Technology, Arts, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Geography, Computer, Economy, Education, Literature, Religion and many other. Now, Library Genesis also provide Libgen Desktop which is a window application which you can download for browsing Local copy of LibGen Catalog. This Digital library provides a feature to Find book using Authors, Publishers name. Here, You also get opportunity to Upload Scientific, Fiction or non-fiction content by Loginid and password provided to you. There are 6 Mirror on Library Genesis so that You can download If any this site is down due to maintenance or anything else.

  1. To Download Book, First Search your book name in Search Box and hit Enter
  2. Choose Your book and Click on it
  3. Now, Click on your Book name and choose Gateway among Cloudflare, and Infura. 

2) Internet Archive Books

Internet Archieve

Internet Archive Books is non-profit digital library with million of Books, Journal, Comics, videos, audios and softwares. They began in 1996 and had published  

  • 476 Billion Web Pages
  • 28 Million Books and Texts
  • 14 Million Audio Recording
  • 6 Million Videos
  • 3.5 Million Images
  • 580,000 Softwares

Here You will get wide range of Variety Books or Comics and have larger collection than Library Genesis. All Books are available for Free of cost. If you like their content than You can help them by Donating. 

  1. Click upon Book which you wants to download
  2. After Clicking Scroll Down and look for the “Download Option”
  3. Here, You will get many formats like PDF, Kindle, Full Text, EPUB, ZIP File and many other.
  4. Click on any in which you feel Comfortable.

3) PDF Drive

PDF Drive



PDF Drive is a search engine for PDF Files having 75,612,686+ eBooks and new ebooks are adding every seconds. There are no downloading Limits and ebooks are categorized into many groups like Politics, Arts, Biography, Lifestyle, law, Research and many more. Now you access PDF Drive as App in your Android Smartphones by downloading its APK from its site.

If you will Purchase PDF Drive Premium Plan at only $3.99/Month or $29.99/ Year, You will get benefits like 

  • Prime Reading
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Quick Download
  1. To Download ebook, Search your book by its name in search bar and hit enter.
  2. Now Click on Download Button visible in Blue color.
  3. You can also Convert to EPUB, MOBI or send them to email and Kindle by clicking Three Vertically aligned Dots. 

4) Google Books

Google Books

Google Books is the biggest Digital Library across our Globe with over all Billions of Books. There should be no doubt as It is legal to download because it is by Google. You can download eBooks of any category for free of cost without watching ads or doing any tasks.  Here’s the simple guide or steps to download Books form Google Books. 

  1. Visit the site and search for your book and hit enter.
  2. Thousands of Results will be there and select your Favorite Book name.
  3.  You can also download ebook in PDF format or buy Paperback Book from stores like Amazon, eBay,etc.

5) Manybooks


Manybooks is another nice website with overall 50,000+ eBooks. This Website don’t have that much large content but the content available on this site is too good. The eBooks are categorized into different Genres like Children, Young, Adult, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, etc. Books of Famous writers like Weston Parker, Jami Rogers, Pnina Arad, etc are sold at price vary from $0.99-$2.99. The Best thing is that You will get Summary of Each and Every Books. This site is available in more than 46 Languages.

  1. Select your book by searching in search bar.
  2. Choose your Book and click on it.
  3. Now, You can download Books in Formats like PDF, epub, mobi and azw.
  4. You can also read it online without downloading.

6) Google


Download PDF


Google provides a best way to Find ebooks in PDF Category Wise. You may be thinking that I am talking about Google Books but No It’s different than Google Books. As Google is world largest search engine as  there are wide ebook collections of each categories like Romance, Travel, Comedy, Children, Adult, etc You can easily get Books for free. To Search for eBooks follow Steps Given below

  1. Visit or in search bar type “Category_name filetype: pdf”
  2. For Instance, I am taking Category_name as Photoshop and typing Photoshop filetype: pdf in search bar
  3. Now Hit Enter and You will get all Search Results in PDF form
  4. Choose any one you prefer and open it in your browser
  5. Download the PDF by clicking on Download button on top menu, It will be saved to your computer.

7) Bookboon


Bookboon Download


Bookboon is largest publisher of the Books digitally and having collections of more than 75 Million eBooks and adding Textbooks at daily basis. These Textbooks or eBooks are free for Students but For Business use You have to pay nearly $4.05 or Rs 299. Here You get Popular Textbooks on topics like IT, Finance, Engineering, Management, Personal Development and many other. If you choose Business Plan, You will also get 30 Days Free eBook Trial. I think that this is the best alternative of Library Genesis with nice Interface. There are many prons but the con is that We can download only in PDF Format.

  1. First of All Signup using your Google, Microsoft, Facebook or Apple account
  2. Now You need to Choose Plan, Choose either Student or Business (Paid)
  3. Choose your interests or Search for Book directly
  4. Click on Book and Now you can Download the book as PDF or Read it online.

8) PDF Search Engine

PDF search engine

PDF search engine Download


PDF search engine is the biggest search engine for PDF with billion of search results. It works like Library Genesis. PDF search Engine uses database from all famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and provide vast results. You can download eBooks in PDF, Word File, CHM File, RTF File and TXT File. You can also submit PDF Textbooks. You can download eBooks on any topics as there are no restrictions on it.

  1. Enter your Book name or Keyword and Choose format in which you wanted to download
  2. Click on search button
  3. Many search results will be shown to you, Choose among them according to your preference
  4. Now Download by clicking on Download button available on Top menu 

9) BookFi


BookFi download


BookFi is one of the mirror of Library Genesis with better interface and speed. Difference is that Library Genesis have Millions of Books but BookFi have 2,240,393 eBooks or Textbooks. It is non-profit project just like Library Genesis. You can Find categories such as Art, Photography, Graphics, Novel, Sports, etc. To post your Book on this site, You need to email them as they don’t have automated system for adding books. After getting your eBooks, You can Read it online or donwload its PDF for free.

  1. Type textbook name in search box and hit Enter or click on Search icon
  2. Now, Scroll down to see best Search Results 
  3. Click on Download PDF to download your eBook 

10) Z-Library

z library
z library download


Z-Library is another mirror of Library Genesis with nicest interface among Library Genesis and BookFi. This also run by non-profit organization. There are 5,847,971 eBooks and 77,518,212 articles available on this platform. You can download them for free without any limits. This platform provides a best feature where you can not only Find book by name of author, Book, Publisher but also by its Phrases or Lines. Almost all types of Book you can get from this site for free. Steps to download are same as BookFi but still I am showing some steps.

  1. Enter your Book Phrase or Book name and search it by hitting Enter
  2. Search Results will be shown to you according to your keyword
  3. Now Choose Book according to your preference and click on Download Button highlighted by Blue color. 

That’s it. Hope you liked the blog. If you are using any of these sites to download PDF for free then Let me know in Comment Box. 

Have a nice day !!

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11 thoughts on “Best 10 Website to Download Books in PDF [FREE]

  1. Love these ideas. I have been using Google Books, but I need variety right now. looking forward to checking out ManyBooks. Love their genre variety.

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