Best 5 Websites To Download Textures and Gradients

Download Gradient and Textures for Free

Over the past few years, Many Bloggers and Editors want Gradients and Textures for Websites and Photoshop respectively.  These websites provide Pattern and Textures for free of use and are non-copyrighted so taht you can use them for your commercials. That’s why, I am here to bring some interesting websites which provides high quality Gradient and Textures. These Top 5  Websites are listed below.

1. Subtle Pattern

subtle pattern

Subtle Pattern is a best website which is one of my undisputed top choices, includes a gigantic library of perfectly insignificant, vector-based surfaces. Not exclusively are the entirety of their surfaces altogether allowed to download, yet the main credit the maker of ‘Unobtrusive Patterns’ longings is a remark inside your HTML or CSS source code. They’ve likewise made a clever module that incorporates their surface library legitimately inside your Photoshop and Sketch boards.

2. UI Gradients

UI Gradients

UI Gradients is an amazingly basic site that offers a determination of unpretentious and clean slopes. Most, if not the entirety of the highlighted inclinations are handpicked from client commitments, submitted through github. Perusing the slopes is a consistent encounter, and on the off chance that you discover one you like, you can essentially duplicate the CSS code to your clipboard and glue it directly into your venture.

3. Transparent Textures

Transparent Textures is simple site. While not the most delightfully planned site, ‘Straightforward Textures’ presents an exceptional method to find and utilize surfaces in your 2.0 plans. Their huge assortment of surfaces pulls legitimately from the ‘Unpretentious Patterns’ library, however enables you to see them applied to your shade of decision inside a program, instead of in Adobe or Sketch. Just enter the hex estimation of your experience tone, select an example you like, and presto, the foundation of ‘Straightforward Textures’ is presently a see of your plan. In the event that you like what you see, you can rapidly duplicate the CSS legitimately to your clipboard.

4. Colin Keany’s Blend

Colin Keany Blend

Colin Kleany’s Blend started out as a small side project for New York designer Colin Keany. Originally, he wanted to create a simple color palette generator that also offered a simple functionality to create gradients. What resulted was an intuitive tool that allows you to create beautiful CSS3 gradients, using flat and material design colors. Once you’re happy with the results, you can view and copy the gradient as cross-browser CSS code

5. Lost and Taken

Lost and Taken

Another great texture library, ‘Lost and Taken’ predominantly consists of textured stock photos, rather than vector images. The textures are largely user submitted, and can be downloaded and used for free without attribution on personal and commercial projects. Since the site is community-driven, you also have the option to donate a few dollars towards the maintenance — something I’d suggest if you end up using it regularly. With categories like Fabric, Nature, and Grunge, ‘Lost and Taken’ might seem inapplicable for your flat 2.0 projects, but with a little (or a lot) of reduction in opacity, you’d be surprised what effects you can create.

So, That’s it . These were some of the best website where you can get high quality textures and Gradient for free. If you are using any of the sites which are listed above please share your experience with these sites in Comment Box.

Have a nice day !!

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