How to Enable Dark Mode in Google Chrome 2021 in every Devices

Why Dark Mode or Night Mode ?

Dark Mode have many benefits like It reduces power Usage, relax your Eyes and decrease Battery Consumption. Dark theme only works with devices having OLED and AMOLED screens. As Dark Theme is friendly to User’s Eye, Many Social Media platforms are coming with inbuilt Dark Mode option. If you use Light mode, It can causes Eye Strain, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Dry Eyes, Headache and Blurred Vision. Nowadays, Every Platforms like Window, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux come with built-in Dark Mode. 

Is There Dark Mode For Google Chrome ?

Till yet, Google Chrome Browser doesn’t Support built-in dark mode especially in Windows. You need to install Extension or use chrome://flags (whole Process given below). While in Android or iOS, You got feature to toggle between Dark or Light Mode but It applies to Site having Dark Theme compatibility. 

Dark Mode in Windows

To enable dark mode in Google Chrome in PC, There are two ways to do it. First by using Extension and other by without Extension.

Method 1 : Using Extension

Step 1 : Open Your Chrome Browser, Visit Chrome Web Store  or click on Apps and then select Web Store from given apps

Step 2 : Now Click on Theme button, available just below Search and Extension or search for Just Black theme. That’s It. Make Sure everything will not will be in Dark Mode if you use Extensions.

Method 2 : Without Using Extension

Step 1 : Open Your Chrome Browser, Just type chrome://flags in your URL Search Bar and hit Enter

Step 2 : Now Search Dark in search Bar and Enable both  Points “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents” and “Web Platform Controls Dark Mode”. 

Step 3: Restart or Relaunch your Browser. Boom! Now everything will be in Dark mode.

Please Note that By Enabling These Features, Many Problems may occur with your Browser. If it happen simply Follow steps given above and change “Enable” to “Default” mode.

Dark Mode in Android

Step 1 : Open Google Chrome in your Smartphone and tap on 3 Dots available at Top-right Corner of Screen.

Step 2 : Select Setting from pop-up and scroll down

Step 3 : After Scrolling a little, Select Theme option and click on Dark

NOTE – Your Web Content will be in Light Mode until it support Dark Mode

Dark Mode in iOS - iPhone or iPad

Step 1 : Go to setting and select Display & Brightness from followings

Step 2 : Select Dark to turn on Dark Mode

Step 3 : Now, Relaunch or Restart Google Chrome


Step 1 : Open Control Center and hold Brightness Control

Step 2 : Now Tap on Dark mode ON.

Step 3 : Now, Simply Relaunch Google Chrome

Dark Mode in Mac

To turn on Dark Mode in Google Chrome in MacBook or any other Apple Product, You need to Turn on Dark theme from its personalization Setting.

Step 1 : Choose Apple Menu and select System Preferences

Step 2 : Click General and Then Select Dark Theme from given options

Step 3 : Now, Start Google Chrome. Dark Theme will be applied to it 

Its time to switch your Device theme from Light to Dark and use it without any hindrance. No shorter Battery, No Strain on your Eye by enabling this mode. If you Enable Dark Mode through Extensions so be sure that It will work on Websites having dark theme compatibility.

So, That’s it for today. May you like the Blog. Leave comment if you suffers any Problem while Enabling Dark Theme.

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