Most Popular Google Doodle Games which You can play Online

What do you mean by Google Doodle Games?

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Google Doodle games are 2D games that you can run on any browser without downloading any Software. Some Google doodle games provide a multiplayer facility means You can play with your friends too. These games don’t require any kind of high-end Computers, You can run on your potato Laptop too. The Google doodle Games also run on Smartphones.

How do you play Popular Google Doodle Games?

To play Google doodle games, First of all, the Search engine you are using should be “Google”. No matter which browser you are using.

  • Now Simply search the particular name of Doodle Game or just type “Google doodle Game.
  • The Popular Doodle Games like Pacman, Cricket, Loteria, Halloween, etc will be displayed as Snippet on the top of search results.
  • Now Simply Click on Play and Enjoy the game.

Why Google developed Doodle Games?


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Usually, These Doodle Games are developed for the occasions of some special or famous individual birthday or anniversary or any other event. These Doodle Games are replaced by Google’s logo displayed on the search engine’s home page to get easy access by clicking on the banner or logo.

List of Popular Google Doodle Game

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There are many Google Doodle games available on the internet but some of them are laggy or have Bugs in them. So, Today I will be giving the names of the best google doodle games among which some of them have a multiplayer mode.

1. Pacman

Packman, a Japanese Game which each and every teenager had played either on keypad mobile phones or smartphones. Luckily this game is also available on the Computer as a Google Doodle for free. You can run Pacman on any browser simply by typing “Pacman“. This Game was launched in 1990 and after the 30th anniversary of Pacman is still an entertaining game.

   Play Pacman

2. Loteria

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Loteria is a game based on Mexican culture. Loteria provides a Multiplayer mode so that You can play with your friends by sharing the Link displaying on top. The Rules of Loteria are the same as Bingo where You need to cut the card from the given stack. If you cut all the Cards within the time, You won the game. Don’t worry If you don’t know about the Loteria Game or you need any kind of Tutorial, There are pre-loaded instructions. To play Loteria, Simply search Loteria and click on the first link “Celebrating Loteria! – Google

   Play Loteria

3. Magic Cat Academy

Magic Cat Academy is a browser game or a Google Doodle Game which was released on 30th October 2016 Magic cat academy was created for the celebration of Halloween. In Magic Cat Academy, You play the character of  Momo and the storyline is that You went to a magic school and defeat the ghost that steals the book. There are two parts of Magic Cat Academy (Magic cat academy 1 and Magic cat academy 2) available on search engines.

   Play Magic Cat Academy

4. Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket is one of the interesting games which I found on the internet. Doodle cricket is also available on iOS and Android as well. This Game is just like Cricket which we had played on our mobile phones. To play this game, You need to Tap and hit. Doodle Cricket was developed by “asissuthar” and powered by Advance AI algorithms. Doodle Cricket is the lightest cricket game available on the internet which can run on old Smartphones or PCs. Play this game by clicking here.

   Play Doodle Cricket

5. Google Quick Draw

Google Quick Draw is like a game “Scribble” but Single player where You had to draw according to the given data and qualify for the next round. Google Quick Draw is Google’s best and latest AI Experiment. Quick Draw has data set of more than 50 million drawings which helps researchers see patterns in how people around the world draw. You can also Contribute to them using your coding skills as Google Quick draw has open-source. Over 15 Million people had played this game and I am pretty sure that you will like this game. You can also teach your Children on How to draw non-living things.

   Play Google Quick 

6. Hip Hop Doodle Game

Hip Hop game was developed by Cey Adams after the successful 44th Birth anniversary of Hip Hop songs. In this Doodle Game, You have to mix different Loaded songs and create a nice beat. Hip Hop is the most advanced doodle game with a pleasant user interface. This Doodle Game was replaced by the Google logo on Home Page.  Hip Hop doodle game comes with 20+ pre-loaded tracks like Price Paul, Love Bug Starski, The Winstons, and some Piano, Drumbeats, and etc. In this game, You need to complete only 10 Goals like mixing beats, sync songs, scratching Discs, etc. You just need to click on the banner and enjoy the game.

   Play Hip Hop

7. Halloween 2018 Doodle Game

Halloween 2018 is another multiplayer game where You have to collect Shining Pearls. In this game, there are two teams Green and Purple, and the winner of the game will be the one whose team has the majority of pearls within 2 minutes. You can host a Halloween game too by sharing links with your friends. Halloween Doodle Game was introduced after Magic cat academy in 2018 on Halloween Day.

   Play Halloween 2018 Doodle

8. Garden Gnomes Doodle Game

Garden Gnomes is an online doodle game where You have to shoot Gnomes through Slingshot and the objective is to score more. Things like Gnomes, Flowers, Mushrooms, Birds, Clouds help Shooted Gnome to stay in Sky. Garden Gnome Doodle Game was developed to celebrate Garden Day in Germany. Developers took Gnomes as a shooter because usually in Western Countries, People use Gnomes to decorate Gardens. To play this game click the button given below or simply type “Garden Gnome Doodle” Game in the search box.

   Play Garden Gnome Game

9. Rubik’s Cube


10. Clara Rockmore’s 105th Birthday

Rockmore Doodle Game was launched by Robinson Wood and his team. This game was developed for the 105th Birthday of Clara Rockmore who was a Young age Violinist and made music in the air which led her to discover a gesture-controlled instrument called “Rockmore“. In this game, You need to play music using by hovering the cursor on the given Notes. Every note has a different feature means 1 having high bass and another one having a high treble.

   Play Rockmore Doodle Game

That’s all for today. These Popular Doodle Games are one of the best games you can found online and enjoy with your friend. The Reason Google is on top is that They know how to connect with people by taking them into nostalgia.
If you have any kind of experience with these Games, Share in the comment box.

Thanks for your stay. Have a nice day !!

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