GTA Nopixel India Server launching ? Nopixel India Hype

What is Nopixel India Server?

Nopixel India Server launching

Nopixel, World’s best FiveM Roleplay Server. A person who plays or streams GTA 5 Roleplay had listened about  Nopixel GTA 5 RP Server for sure. The Reason Why Nopixel Server is very Popular is that You will see only Quality Roleplay with some big Twitch and Youtube Streamers like xQcOW, Shroud, Pokimane, Summit1g, Sykkuno, valkyrae, and many more. Koil is the owner and Lead Developer of the Nopixel roleplay server as well as a Twitch streamer with more than 380K+ followers. He usually plays as a Cop Character into the server.

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Did Nopixel Roleplay Server come to India?

Yes, you heard right! The World’s best GTA 5 Roleplay Server is coming to India. That’s a very big thing that after SVRP, an International RP Nopixel server is launching soon in India said Indian Streamer Hans Gaming. He stated that he is working with the Nopixel team and everything like the teaser and all will be releasing soon.

Also, an Indian Roleplayer or Streamer Paskall breaks the silence with his community post about the nopixel India Roleplay Server.

Paskall on Nopixel RP Server

Recently, Many Indian Streamers such as Skplz, Hans Gaming, Paskall, Leon Walkthrough, YT Hathoda released Nopixel India Trailer. Check them out and enjoy until the Server will release.

Nopixel India Social handles

Why is Nopixel coming to India?

There are two reasons why Nopixel’s owner Koel wanted to launch Nopixel in India.

  1. Koel, Nopixel’s owner wanted to extend the Nopixel brand name in southern Asian countries too like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka.
  2. Maybe they knew that In India there is a good player base in GTA 5 RP which may cause profit to him.

Will Nopixel launch change Roleplay Scenario in India?

The answer to this question is really tough as any Roleplay Server is run by Roleplayers or people playing on a particular server. Yes, that’s a great opportunity for the Indian Roleplayers Community as World’s largest Roleplay Server is going to launch in India very soon.

Nopixel Server will face great competition as SVRP, HTRP like servers are already in line having 120+ daily players on the server. Indian RP streamers have to talk about the launching so that 9 years old Kid can’t mess up by comparing with different servers.

At last, the RP scenario depends upon players, not on the Server.  It’s a great opportunity as We will get international recognization in the RP scenario too after mobile games, Valorant, CSGO, and all.

Let’s wait for the Nopixel Indian Server launch and hope for good!

That’s it for today! I Will update you for sure If any update from Nopixel India will roll out. Thanks for your stay.

Have a nice day!!

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