I.G.I. Origins 2021: Best Game Which We Have Our Emotion

IGI is not just a Game, Its an Emotion of 90’s People. Almost all of the Gamers had played IGI 1 and IGI 2 parts in their childhood. Now, The Company had announced that IGI third part by the name of I.G.I Origin will be going to launch in starting 2021. In IGI, You need to do missions like escorting a person from prison or Stopping Missile Launch which are distributed in many parts as a name of MISSIONS.

All About IGI Game


THE first IGI part by the name Project IGI was released on 8th December 2000 where we need to do different Missions like Trainyard, SAM Base, GOD, Radar Base, Re-supply, and 11 others. In every Mission, You are allotted different kinds of Guns. The main Motive in this game is to Kill Every Enemy by Stealth and making shortcuts otherwise It is very tough to complete all missions. It was just a 400MB game that was sold through CDs in 2020.


The Second IGI part by the name of IGI 2: Covert Strike was released on 21st February,2003 with more better and realistic Graphics and moments of Player. In this Part, You can silently Kill enemy using Knife which was missing in IGI 1. There are 19 Missions starting with Infiltration, Priboi’s Villa, Airfield and ending to Mission Control, Launch Pad. The Size of IGI 2 is nearly 1.02 GB which you can download it For free by clicking Download button given below.

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IGI : Origin

After 17 Years, Third Part of IGI i.e. IGI Origin which is a First-Person Stealth Shooter where Players are encouraged to think their way in and shoot Enemies. In this Part, You are in year 1980 and play as a name called “Reagent” who is an agent in Service of M16 on active duty. This Part is developing under Company Antimater Game which is a subsidiary to Toadman Interactive and the largest Game Development studio in UK. 

Toadman Interactive is the developer, Publisher and marketing Company which consist of more than 180 Employees and involved in Games like Battlefield 4, Mad Max and Just Cause.

This Game will be available in many Languages such as English, French, Italian, German, and spanish with Subtitles.

Download IGI : Origins

To Download IGI Origin, You need to download it from Steam.  You can visit Steam and search for IGI origin or simply click on Download Button given below. This game will be available in 2021. For Now , You can add this game to your wish list so that you will get notification when IGI Origin will come out. 

System Requirement

Till yet Company had not announced the system requirements of this game but according to our team Research, the Minimum Requirements to run this game will be: 

  • Processor: i5 or AMD Ryzen 5
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon RX 460
  • OS: 64bit Operating System
  • RAM: 8GB

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