GTA 5 SVRP Roleplay Server | SVRP India/Pakistan

GTA 5 SVRP India/Pakistan Roleplay Server

What is GTA 5 RP?

Grand Theft Auto 5 Roleplay or GTA 5 RP is a multiplayer game where people can join for free and play. The RP Servers allow you to play and interact with other players. In GTA 5 RP, You had to create a character and work upon it to build your character’s name by doing the role of Cop, Doctor, Criminal, Mechanic, and much more. Check out 5+ Best GTA 5 Roleplay Server.

Where and How to do RP?

To do RP in GTA 5, You have to download GTA 5 and FiveM. After downloading, You have to apply for the server but you don’t know on which server You should play. So, there are many servers like Exo life, HTRP, OGRP, SLRP, and much more but nowadays the Best one is SVRP Roleplay Server. Today I will be talking about GTA 5 SVRP server.

SVRP India/Pakistan Roleplay Server


SVRP (also known as Subversion) is the best GTA 5 FiveM Roleplay Server in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other neighboring countries which was rolled out in the month of August 2020. An actual SVRP Server was founded in September 2019 and later it came to South-Asian Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Many Big Youtubers like Payal Gaming, Rakazone Gaming, Tbone, Qayzer Gaming, and many others are playing on SVRP Server.


GTA 5 SVRP Discord Server Link

You can click the link given below to join Discord
SVRP Discord:
SVRP Website:

How to join SVRP Server?

Recently SVRP developers switched whitelist Google Forum application to the website forums. You need to follow some steps in order to fill whitelist application.

  1. Click here to visit the SVRP Asia website
  2. Now connect your Discord and authorize it.
  3. Fill in some basic things like Username, date of birth, and location.
  4. After registering, Visit the Home page and click on the Whitelist application.
  5. Now fill in info like Discord name, DOB, Steam ID, Backstory, Character Name, and much more.
  6. After submitting, Your application, It will be reviewed by the SVRP admins or Staff members
  7. You can check your application status in Whitelist-response in SVRP Discord Server 
  8. If your application got accepted then You can prepare for an interview where they will ask for any RP scenario or other related questions.

Rules to Follow

Some basic rules you should remember to get into the GTA 5 SVRP server are given below:

  1.  You should be mature enough to handle situations.
  2. Things happening in RP should not be taken seriously IRL (in real life).
  3. Should not be Toxic in chat or OOC
  4. Metagaming not allowed
  5. Hard Cuffing not allowed for civilians
  6. and many other rules which you can read from word document clicking here (Rules Book)

Things to do in Roleplay Server

There many things which you can do in any roleplay server like Mining, Fishing, Bank Robbery, Jewellery Robbery, Poultry farming but the SVRP RP server have many other things to do such as

  1. EDM (Car Showroom) where you will get a huge collection of Costly Cars and Bikes.
    EDM in SVRP
  2. A place where you can learn or have Drift Races with your buddies.
    Drift Race Court in SVRP
  3. You can hunt Animals using the Hunting Rifle and sell their meat in the market and earn a good amount of money.
    Animal Hunting in SVRP
  4. You can own a Garage or can work as a mechanic.
    Garage in SVRP
  5. Drag race court where You and your friend can enjoy or have a race tournament.
    Drag Race Court in SVRP
  6. Collection of many sports car which You can use them to win in the race.

Priority Pack: SVRP

You can buy a Priority Pack to get special Benefits like Queue Priority, Custom Car no. plates, Rare Cars, and much more. You can support this server by buying the priority Packs. The Priority packs are categorized into 4 Tiers shown below. Click here to buy Priority 

  1. Essential Tier (INR Rs 699)
    • Queue Priority Level 1
    • Exclusive Cars
    • Green Steamid Color
  2. Glorious Tier (INR Rs 1399)
    • Queue Priority Level 2
    • Extra Exclusive Cars
    • Orange Steamid Color
  3. Divine Tier (INR Rs 1999)
    • Queue Priority Level 3
    • Rare Cars
    • Aqua Steamid Color
  4. Honoured Tier (INR Rs 2599)
    • Queue Priority Level 4
    • Rare Cars
    • 2 Custom Car Number Plates
    • Golden Steamid Color

Problems Faced by SVRP Server

As we know that SVRP is not only popular in India but It is also popular in Bangladesh and Pakistan too. The Popularity among GTA players is not digested by some People, So they DDoS (denial-of-service attack) the server in which the server becomes unstable, and players start getting problems while playing.

But all thanks to the Developer Jack Foster and his team who are working on the SVRP server every day and night to make it more stable.


SVRP 2.0 Roleplay Server

The SVRP Version 2.0 Roleplay Server was launched on 27th Feb 2020 which brings more stability and more features to the server. Now the chances of DDoS have been decreased and features like New Car, Race Court are introduced in it. You can check out the trailer of SVRP 2.0 here,

SVRP 3.0 Release Date in August

According to the Server owner Jack Foster, SVRP 3.0 is releasing on 1st August 2021 as He finally uploaded a Tribute to SVRP 2.0 video on the official channel of SVRP Asia. We can see that the hype is real as the SVRP cinematic Trailer got 10k+ views within 3 hours of upload and thanks to Blackia for insane edits.

You can also experience Roleplay on another GTA 5 Roleplay Servers: 5+ Best GTA 5 Roleplay Servers in India

That’s all for today. Hope you liked the Post on GTA 5 SVRP Roleplay server. If you are playing on this Server, Please share your experience with us in the comment box. If you wish to delete or remove any portion from this blog Contact me on my email. Contact us

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