GTA 5 Nopixel Best Roleplay Server : Tips to get whitelisted

What is GTA 5 RP?

Grand Theft Auto 5 Roleplay or GTA 5 RP is a multiplayer game where people can join for free and play. The RP Servers allow you to play and interact with other players. In GTA 5 RP, You had to create a character and work upon it to build your character’s name by doing the role of Cop, Doctor, Criminal, Mechanic, and much more. Nowadays, the Nopixel Roleplay server is on Top as big streamers and celebrities are playing there.
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Nopixel 3.0 Roleplay Server

Nopixel best GTA 5 Roleplay Server

Nopixel, World’s best FiveM Roleplay Server. A person who plays or streams GTA 5 Roleplay had listened about  Nopixel GTA 5 RP Server for sure. The Reason Why Nopixel Server is very Popular is that You will see only Quality Roleplay with some big Twitch and Youtube Streamers like xQcOW, Shroud, Pokimane, Summit1g, Sykkuno, valkyrae, and many more. Koil is the owner and Lead Developer of the Nopixel roleplay server as well as a Twitch streamer with more than 380K+ followers. He usually plays as a Cop Character into the server.

Earlier, The Capacity of the Roleplay Server use to be 32 players but now 100 Roleplayers could play on Nopixel 3.0 Roleplay Server at a time. Nopixel Server was launched in September 2018. The latest Update of Nopixel was rolled out in February 2021 as a “Nopixel 3.0” where more than 3000 streamers joined the roleplay server.
There are many Streamers who play on Nopixel and streams daily but is it difficult to search for them for you? If yes then you can visit here HasRoot – No Pixel Stream List to see the streamers who are playing Nopixel RP and are live on Twitch, Youtube, or any other platform.

How much Nopixel spends Money?

Nopixel Server maintenance Cost

According to the owner,  Nopixel’s owner is spending more than $10,000 per month so that the Server runs properly without any hindrance or DDoS attack. The Nopixel Server owner earns money eighter by generous Donations or by Monthly Subscriptions taken by Role players.

Basic Nopixel Rules and Guidelines

There are so many Rules which a Roleplayer should Follow before going into GTA 5 Nopixel RP Server. These Rules and Guidelines help to improve the Roleplay scenarios in the Gaming community. These rules are applicable to both Nopixel and Nopixel public servers.

  1. Age requirement for Whitelisting is 18+
  2. Quality Mic is required
  3. You can’t disrespect  Nopixel Server and their community members on any platform like Twitch, Youtube, Discord, etc
  4. Stay in character all the time
  5. Use /OOC chat when there is any technical problem or glitch
  6. Metagaming would not be appreciated by the Admins
  7. Powergaming or doing Fail RP could not be tolerated, You will get directly Ban
  8. Doing RDM (Random Death Match) and VDM ( Vehicle Death Match) is a bannable act
  9. You should follow New Life Rule which means If you died in any Collision and respawned You will forget the event leading to a collision

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GTA 5 Nopixel Discord Server

Discord Server:
There are more than 70,000 + Members on Nopixel’s discord server where you can ask for any kind of Support and check out the latest announcement regarding the server made by the developer or admins.

Nopixel Team

Here’s the list of Nopixel’s developers and other Staff.

Nopixel Wiki

Nopixel wiki

There is a Wikipedia for Nopixel Community where You can get information regarding the latest updates and news. You can also check out Character and Factions Directory too. This Nopixel wiki is very useful as You can get each and every piece of information like Terms and conditions, privacy policy, and many more.

Nopixel Wiki

Nopixel Public GTA 5 RP Server

We know that the demand for Nopixel in the Roleplay community is vast. Everyone wanted to play on this server no matter how long they have to wait. That’s why Nopixel’s Owner Koil developed Nopixel Public Server. This Server is just like any other blacklisted Roleplay Server where you do not need to give an interview but remember if you will not follow Rules then obviously you will be banned from the public server too. Many big streamers like Xqc, Sykkuno, Buddha are playing on Nopixel Public Server. Nopixel Public Server comes with many different features given below:

  1. Dev Coins” where you can buy In-game currency through real-life currency. According to the developers, 1 Dev Coin will give you $1000 in-game whereas 1 dev coin costs you nearly $1 of real-life currency. Please note that the value of a dev coin can fluctuate.
  2.  You can buy Priority Pack too for Nopixel Public Server. The Tier list starts from USD $30 to USD $499 per month.
  3. You can buy some extra character Slots just by paying USD $20 to them.

Nopixel Store for Dev coin priority pack

Nopixel India Launching Soon

Yes, Nopixel India will be launching soon as many Indian RP streamers like Hans Gaming, Paskall are in touch with the Nopixel development team. For more like Nopixel India discord, Twitter, Instagram CLICK HERE

Nopixel Application Process

My intentions are not to hurt you, but The truth is that It’s very difficult to get whitelisted into Nopixel. You can give your try to the Nopixel Public server instead of the main server. Follow the steps given below which let you know how to fill Nopixel application and get a chance to play in the world’s best Roleplay Server

  1. Download GTA 5 (original copy from steam or epic store)
  2. Download FiveM for free and install it on your PC
  3. Now simply watch the video given below, Thanks to Zez for the detailed information.


That’s all for today. It is really tough to get whitelisted into Nopixel Server but you can try your luck, Maybe your arrow can hit the bullseye. Thanks for reading my post, If you have some experience regarding the Nopixel interview and all, Share it in the comment box.

Have a nice day !!

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