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What is GTA 5 RP?

Grand Theft Auto 5 Roleplay or GTA 5 RP is a multiplayer game where people can join for free and play. The RP Servers allow you to play and interact with other players. In GTA 5 RP, You had to create a character and work upon it to build your character’s name by doing the role of Cop, Doctor, Criminal, Mechanic, and much more. Check out 5+ Best GTA 5 Roleplay Server.

Where and How to do RP?

To do RP in GTA 5, You have to download GTA 5 and FiveM. After downloading, You have to apply for the server but you don’t know on which server You should play. So, there are many servers like Exo life, SVRP, OGRP, SLRP, and much more but today We will be talking about Hydra Town Roleplay Server or HTRP.


HTRP Hydra Town Roleplay Server

HTRP or Hydra Town Roleplay Server is one of the famous Roleplay Servers available in India. Players from Neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh could join this Server. HTRP Server was launched on 27th December 2020. More than 30,000+ players had joined the HTRP Discord Server. The Owner of Hydra Town Roleplay Server is Aditya Sawant who is well known by the name Dynamo Gaming in India.

He has over 9M+ subscribers on Youtube and 2M+ followers on Instagram. After the PUBG Mobile ban in India, He gave a platform to many streamers so that They can create content for their audience. YouTubers or Streamers like Dynamo Gaming, Cosmic YT, Ocean Gaming, Logan GAming, Rowdzie, PasKall, EnigmaS YT, and many more are playing on this Server.


GTA 5 HTRP Discord Server Link

Click below to Join HTRP discord :
HTRP discord:
HTRP Website:
HTRP Facebook group:
HTRP Instagram:
HTRP Twitter:

Rules to Follow

You should follow these rules otherwise you will be banned or got a Strike.

  1. You are not allowed to talk about Religious, Political, or sensitive topics.
  2. You can’t abuse other players.
  3. This server is not an 18+ server so if anyone reports you will be banned.
  4. Your Player Name should not be offensive or full of racism.
  5. Not overflow /OOC command.
  6. You should not use lethal Arms near Pillbox and MRPD.
  7. and much more. Click Here to see all basic Rules

How to join HTRP Server?

Follow the given steps to join the HTRP server or to fill whitelist form.

  1. Click this link If you live out of India, You had to use a VPN for India location)
  2. Now connect your Steam with this website.
  3. After connecting, click on APPLY button and fill in information like email-id, Discord id, age, and much more.
  4. Then click on NEXT and give answers to some Basic RP questions like What is power gaming, what do you mean by character progression, and etc.
  5. Now last part where you have to tell the Character’s name and the character’s backstory.
  6. Click on SUBMIT FORM. That’s it.
  7. To check your whitelist application response, Visit the HTRP discord server and check your name in the “form-response” under the “Whitelisting” section.
  8. If your whitelist application got accepted, then there will be an interview round where Admins will ask some basic questions about Roleplay or may ask questions on any given situation.
  9. or Have a look to the video given below.

Things to do in HTRP Roleplay Server

There are a lot of things which you can do on this Server. I will be mentioning some points but the rest you had to grind and Roleplay it out with other players.

  • You can have a superb collection of Cars like Subaru, BMW, Mazda, Skyline, Chevrolet Camaro, Audi RS6, and Motorbikes like Yamaha MT-25,  Honda CRB, etc, and rest of them you can have a look through the video given below.

  • You can work in LSPD or as a Police. If you choose to do RP of police, You could stop bank robbers, thieves, and criminals roaming in the city.

LSPD in HTRP Server

  • You can work as a Doctor in the city to diagnose Citizens. Believe me, Doctor earns a nice amount of money in HTRP Server, and for the rest of thing RP it out.


  • You can join any Gang like Red Mafia, GSF, Vagos, LMC, etc, and can be the biggest wanted of the city having a high amount of Bounty by Government.

Gangs in HTRP

  • Are you single in real life? RP a beautiful and cute love story in HTRP server and have fun.

Love RP in HTRP

Hydra Town Roleplay Pass – Priority Pack

You can buy a priority Pack or HTRP pass by clicking here. These Packs are only way from where a HTRP server owner earns money.

  • Silver (Rs599/month)
    • Level 4 Priority in Queue
    • Silver Level Excl. Vehicles
    • 7 Digit Phone Number (Permanent)
    • Custom Vehicle Plate Number (Only One)
  • Gold (Rs1299/month)
    • Level 3 Priority in Queue
    • Gold & Silver Level Excl. Vehicles
    • 6 Digit Phone Number (Permanent)
    • Custom Vehicle Plate Number (Only One)
  • Platinum (Rs1799/month)
    • Level 2 Priority in Queue
    • Get Access to Promote Your Streams on Discord.
    • 5 Digit Phone Number (Permanent)
    • Platinum, Gold & Silver Level Excl. Vehicles
    • Get Access to Exclusive Cars Auction
    • Custom Vehicle Plate Number (Only One)
  • Diamond (Rs2999/month)
    • Level 1 Priority in Queue.
    • Get Access to Promote Your Streams on Discord.
    • 4 Digit Phone Number (Permanent).
    • All Exclusive Vehicles.
    • Get Access to Exclusive Cars Auction.
    • Custom Bank Account Number.
    • Custom Vehicle Plate Number (Only One).
    • Exclusive House Interior (Only One).
    • Custom Name Plate Outside House (Only One)

That’s it for today. Thank you Dynamo for this Server. May you like the post. If you wish to join HTRP (Hydra Town Roleplay) Server, Go ahead and have fun with other Players. If you are Playing on the HTRP server let me know your experience in the comment box. HTRP admin or owner wants to remove or add any portion, Please Contact me.
Have Fun and Thanks for your Stay !!

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