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GTA 5 Grand RP Server – Best RageM Server

What is GTA 5 RP?

Grand Theft Auto 5 Roleplay or GTA 5 RP is a multiplayer game where people can join for free and play. The RP Servers allow you to play and interact with other players. In GTA 5 RP, You had to create a character and work upon it to build your character’s name by doing the role of Cop, Doctor, Criminal, Mechanic, and much more. Check out the list of the best GTA 5 RP Servers.


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What is RageM Server?

Like a FiveM, RageM is a modified GTA 5 that enables you to play multiplayer mode on dedicated servers having the same FPS as you have in Singleplayer mode. Now If we talk about RageM vs FiveM, RageM servers lead here by 2-3 points like having more Players Slot, less Desync, More FPS, advanced UI(User Interface), and much more.

GTA 5 Grand Roleplay Server

GTA 5 Grand Roleplay Server

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GTA 5 Grand Roleplay is a Semi-RP RageM Server having player slots of more than 2000. This Server mainly focuses on Gang Roleplay where You could join any Gang Group and raid on other gangs to acquire their Guns, ammo, and Money (if you win the Raid). Currently, there are more than 70 Gangs like Playboys, The Saudi Royal, Cosa Nostra, Dsync, and etc. in Grand Server. This Server doesn’t have any NPC(locals) that’s why This Server is stable with no desync at all.

This Server comes with tons of features, jobs, and 200+ DLC Cars. This Server is not like another Server as There a lot of things to do. Scroll down to see things which you can do in Grand RP Server. Gather your friends, Make a Family and Enjoy!


  • Project Management
    • Bablik
    • Napal
    • Meow Meow
  • Chief Administrator
    • Mazhor Pluxury
    • Lebron Specter
  • Server Administrator
    •  Alex Odd
    • James Pluxury
    • Kevin Swain
    • Papa Valeri
    • Trey Tesfaye
    • Tyrone Williams

GTA 5 Grand RP Discord Server


Join GTA 5 Grand RP discord server to chat with your friends, to complain about Bug, to see some rules of Grand RP Server, and much more. Be updated by joining the Grand RP discord server.

How to join GTA 5 Grand RP Server?

To join Grand Roleplay Server, You don’t need to give an interview or fill any whitelist application. The process is too simple and will hardly take your 5 minutes. Follow the steps given below :

  1. You should have a copy of GTA 5 (should not be cracked/modded)
  2. If you don’t have GTA 5, download from here (STEAM | ROCKSTAR | EPIC GAMES)
  3. Visit here: this link to get a $25000 signing Bonus)
  4. Now, Click on Registration and fill in some basic information like First Name, Last Name, email, and password.
  5. That’s it. Now simply download the 300MB Grand RP setup.
  6. Click on Play, authorize by entering e-mail and password and enjoy the game!

Things to do in Grand Roleplay Server

Don’t worry, I am not here to talk that You can Rob bank and jewelry, make Friend, be a policeman, mechanic, and other same things which you saw in every server. Literally, this server has many different things which are listed below.

  • You can own 200+ Cars consisting of Super Cars, Muscle Cars, Convertible Cars, off-road, mid-size cars,  and classic cars.

GTA 5 Grand Car Collection

  • Improve the performance of your Car by Tuning it by paying some amount of money from your pocket. You can customize the car’s turbo, headlight color, window tint color, backlighting color, etc.

best Car tuning in GTA 5

  • You can visit Casino with your friends and play games like Blackjack, Roulette, Lucky Wheel to double up your money by spending a few minutes.

GTA 5 Casino

  • Here You get an advanced Inventory where You could increase slots by purchasing bags (slots increment depend upon the level of Bag).

GTA 5 Inventory

  • This Server comes with tons of emotes which you can access by pressing “G”. Emotes of Pushups, Masturbating, Sex, Singing Song, playing Guitar, reading books, recording, etc are some which exhibit so nicely.

GTA 5 Emotes

  • If Cops caught you while Robbery or during any crime. Don’t worry, You could escape from Prison.

GTA 5 Prison Escape

  • You can gather your friends and create a family which may come to the Top 10 and get Free cars, money every day. You could earn free money by playing for 4 hours straight.

GTA 5 Grand Family

  • You can buy Tesla Cybertruck, Tesla Roadster, Tesla X which comes with Auto-pilot mode. To turn on Auto-Pilot mode, You only need to mark the destination on Map and turn ON the auto-pilot mode.

Tesla in GTA 5

  • There are many Jobs that You can do in the GTA 5 Grand Roleplay Server. Jobs of Electrician, Food Delivery, Fire Fighter, Pilot, LumberJack, Cab Driver, Farmer, Street Vendor are highly profitable. You can do each job at a time by taking a pass or License of a particular Job.

GTA 5 Grand Roleplay Discord

Grand RP Discord Server Link:
Join GTA 5 Grand Roleplay Discord Server to give any suggestions, for any help, queries, or complaints.
Thanks to the owner and Team of this Server to provide a beautiful platform to players and Streamers.

That’s all about GTA 5 Grand RP Server. There are a lot of things left that You had to find by grinding the game. Check out Skplz stream on Twitch to see the gameplay of this server.

The Copyrights of all images are reserved to Skplz and GTA 5 Grand RP Server.

Thanks for the stay. Have a nice day! 

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