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GTA 5 RP Server | Roleplay Server in India

What is GTA 5 RP?

Grand Theft Auto 5 Roleplay or GTA 5 RP is a multiplayer game where people can join for free and play. The RP Servers allow you to play and interact with other players. In GTA 5 RP, You had to create a character and work upon it to build your character’s name by doing the role of Cop, Doctor, Criminal, Mechanic, and much more. Check out 5+ Best GTA 5 Roleplay Server.

Where and How to do RP?

To do RP in GTA 5, You had to download GTA 5 and FiveM. After downloading, You had to apply for the server but you don’t know on which server You should play. So, EXO LIFE is the name of the Server where you can apply and Play for free.

Exo Life Roleplay Server


GTA 5 Roleplay

Exo Life is one of the Best GTA  5 Roleplay Server in India and launched on 26th June 2020. Shushant Sharma (also known as Shunick) is the owner of this server, who is a UI designer by Profession and lives in Delhi. This Server has a huge Fan base among Roleplayers in India as Many Streamers like Shreeman Legend, Dynamo Gaming, Rakazone Gaming, Bloodline, Prateek Yt, Unreal Yt(The Manager of Exo Life Server), Kegg, Jimmy Gaming had played on this server and some of them are playing till yet.

Initially, This Server was started with only 22 Slots with 5 Members but now They have 200+ Players who play daily and have 500+ Players Databases and have 20 members of the Team. According to Shushant, Hemant Sawant who is a Photographer by profession and a streamer helps him a lot to get Players into the server. Exo Life Server got recognization when Shreeman Legend started playing on this server.


    • Owner: Shushant Sharma, known as Shunick) (INSTAGRAM / YOUTUBE)
    • Manager: Hemant Sawant, known as Unreal YT) (INSTAGRAM / YOUTUBE)
    • Developers:
      1. Chinmay Mishra, also known as Mr. Grudge
      2. Sakshi Salokhe
      3. Usama
    • Admins:
      1. Aashirwad Bedekar
      2. Druv Rathod
      3. Mayur Pattanaik
      4. Ritik Anand
      5. Amit Badgujar
      6. Vikas Rajain

Exo Life Roleplay Server Discord

You can apply for the whitelist by joining the Exo life Roleplay server Click here to join Discord

Investment for Roleplay Server

According to the Owner of This Server, They are investing around $300/Month and they are spending their own money to develop this server and providing a good quality platform where every people could play and enjoy.

Can we earn through the Server?

When I talked with Shunick, I got to know that You can earn money only by Priority Packs.  By Purchasing Priority Packs, You get many benefits like Priority Queue, Custom Discord Role, Custom Phone Number, and much more. In Exo Life Roleplay Server, Priority Pack price starts from INR  ₹499 to INR  ₹2999. For more information regarding Priority Pack Click here

Procedure to get into Server

The basic requirement to enter in this server is You should be 18 or more in age and knew some basics of RP. To Play on this server, You have to follow these steps given below:

  • Visit Exo Life Discord Server (Link: EXO LIFE ROLEPLAY INDIA WL (
  • Now Click on “Whitelist-application” under the Applications section
  • Click on the Whitelist application form or Click here to fill whitelist form
  • Now You have to provide some basic information like email-id, Discord-id, age, stream-id, etc, and click on the Submit button
  • Within 7 Days, any Staff member will respond to you and ask some questions in an Interview
  • You will get notified once your application gets approved

Things to do in Server

  • On this server, There are tons of things that you can do like Fishing, Poultry Farming, Bank Robbery, Jewellery Robbery, Gymming, Minning, and much more.

Fishing Swimming in GTA 5

  • You can earn money by doing jobs and have some nice collections of Vintage, Muscle, Sports-car and of Motor-bikes too.

GTA 5 Car Collection

  • You can work as a Cop in Police Station to ensure safety and to prevent crime and civil disorder.

GTA 5 Police

  • Here, You can work as a News Reporter to gather pieces of information and have a debate on it. The government of this City provides you chopper and Van with the branding of “Weazel News”.

News Reporter GTA 5

  • This Server provides you the best Platform to make New Friends and have a good time with them.

Friends Gang in GTA 5

  • There are many things which you can do like have a Cute Love Story, can be a Doctor or The Savior of Los Santos City, can join Gangs, etc.

I Congrats Shushant Sharma, The Owner of Exo Life Server, and his team for this much Success.

So, That’s it for today. If you want more information about a server you can visit Exo Life Discord Server. I recommend you to join and try this Server. Thanks for reading my blog. If you are a part of this server, Let me know your experience in the comment box.

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