(2021)Best Fabric Shaver for Couch & other Winter Wears

Best Electric Fabric Shaver for Couch and Sweaters in 2021

Most of the Fabrics got Lints, Fuzz or Boobles on there Surface, specially During Winter. I am listing some best Electric Fabric Shaver for couch, Sweaters and other fabrics too which are at cheap price and also easy to get. By buying given Gadgets you can remove Lint, Bobbles or Fuzz from Couch, , Sweaters, Curtains, Woolen Clothes, Winter Clothes, Socks, etc. Go check them out. 

1) Ruidla Fabric Shaver for Couch

Check Price : Rudila Lint Remover

Rudila Fabric lint remover or fabric shaver for couch, sweaters and other fabrics. It is a rechargeable product with 3-Blades and removable Bin. This Lint or Bobble Remover which make your cloth look New again. This Gadget helps you to remove Fabric fluff, Fuzz, pill and lint no matter what type of cloth is. This Shaver long lasts for 40-55 minutes after full charge and you can charge it by any your Power Bank, Laptop, Mobile Adapter through USB cable. You will get 2 year warranty if you buy this product now.

Main Features
  • Rechargeable High Capacity Battery ; Long lasts for 50 minutes
  • USB Cable to Charge
  • 3 Stainless Steel Blade
  • 2 Year Warranty 
  • Easily work on Clothes, Couch, Curtain, Bedsheets, sweaters, Sofa and many more 
  • Red and Green Light in-built Indicator
  • 3 different Hole Sizes for lint, fluff, etc 
  • Dual Protection to avoid cutting of Clothes

2) Magictec Rechargeable Fabric Shaver

check price: Magitec Electric Lint Remover

Magictec lint remover is Best seller on amazon available at affordable price and operated by Battery which you can later charge by USB Cable. It is available in Black color with good look. There 3 Blades which defuzz almost all fabric lints. It weigh just 8 ounces You can charge it by multiple options like Mobile adapter, Laptop and power bank. This product have high performance motor which rotates up to 9000rpm.  

Main Features
  • Battery long last for 60 min after 2 hours charging 
  • USB Cable to Charge
  • 3 Steel Blade
  • 2 Year Warranty 
  • Best For Winter Clother, Curtain, Wool Fabric, Socks and many more
  • Motor rotates at 9000rpm
  • NimH Battery 
  • Wider Lint Storage

3) Beautural Lint Remover

Check Price: Beautural Fabric Shaver

Beautural Fabric Shaver for couch, Winter wears or Lint Remover which comes with 2 speed setting and 3 Replaceable Stainless steel Blades. It comes in different Styles namely; Basic, Enhanced, Home-Edition whose Price vary from model to model. You can get this Product in different colors like Gray, Tiffany Blue, Tufts Blue and Ultramarine. The Package includes 2 Extra Blades, a cleaning Brush and a carry bag with your Product.

Main Features
  • 2 Speed Setting
  • 2 AA-Battery required
  • 3 Different Hole Size 
  • Removes Lint and Bobbles
  • Safe Lock
  • Wider Lint Storage

4) Conair Fabric Defuzzer

Check Price: Cornair Fabric Shaver

Cornair brings a cheap Fabric Defuzzer or Shaver which is available in 2 Variants ; Battery Operated and Rechargeable Battery at two different Prices. This Product is available in  6 different Colors namely Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink and white. It comes with Honeycomb Mesh Design and three depth setting to Shave. 

Main Features
  • Cover Large Surface area
  • Versatile Design
  • Honeycomb Mesh Design
  • Fabric Defuzzer
  • Available in Many Colors
  • Comes in 2 Variant (Chargeable or not Chargeable)

5) Pritech Fabric Shaver

Check Price: Pritech Lint Remover

Pritech Fabric Defuzzer or lint remover is a magnetic fabric shaver which is Rechargeable and can easily get charge using USB cable through Gadgets like Laptop, Power Bank, Charging Adapter. It last long for 60 Minutes or more than it after charging it fully. This Product comes with 5W powerful motor which Spin 3 Steel Blades at 9000 Rpm. This Shaver had elastic blades and bionic-honeycomb mesh design which protect clothes from being damaged.

Main Features
  • Magnetic Absorption Front Cover
  • Large Capacity Container
  • 5W Powerful Motor
  • Fabric Defuzzer or Shaver
  • Double Power-Off Protection
  • Chargeable through USB Cable

6) Popchose Fabric Shaver

Check Price: Popchose Lint Remover

Popchose Fabric Shaver or Deffuzer is best because it comes with 6 Stainless Steel Blades. It has 3-in-1 Lint remover with Led Indicator. It has Ergonomic Design which mean we can rotate handle 180 Degree which makes it more Flexible in compare to other one. You can charge it using USB Cable and its battery long last for 60 Minutes by charging it for 2 hours.  

Main Features
  • 6 Philips Rotating Blades  
  • 3-in-1 Lint Remover
  • 5W Powerful Motor (rotates at 9000 Rpm)
  • 2.8” Large Shaving Head 
  • Fabric Defuzzer or Shaver
  • Three Light Mode (Red, Blue, Green)
  • Chargeable through USB Cable
  • Ergonomic Design (handle Rotates 180 Degree)

So, That’s it. These are some best Fabric Shaver, Defuzzer or lint, Bobbles, Fuzz remover available under $20 only. Please, Let me know which Product you are going to buy.

So, These were some of the best Electric Fabric Shaver for couches, sweaters, sofa, socks, and other winter wears. If you are using these products, then Please Let me know. 

Have a nice day!!

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