World’s First Emergency Breitling Wristwatch worth USD $ 20,000

Breitling Emergency


The Breitling Emergency is the world’s First watch which is available in many colors like Titanium Black(with metal and Rubber strap) and DLC-Coated Titanium Black (with metal and Rubber strap).This Wristwatch is equipped with an authentic dual- Frequency distress beacon to transmit digital signal.

This Wristwatch bring a feature where You can call Rescue at any Emergency situation. It broadcast a signal at a range of approximately 100 Miles which is monitored by Cospas-Sarsat which is an international search and rescue team. This Watch signal long last for 18 Hours after triggering it. You can trigger this Emergency Alarm only if you are in any Emergency and want rescue But If you trigger it without any reason you will be charged $1,00,000 Fine by Federation Aviation Administration. 

Some Main Features

Caliber: Breitling 76

Calendar: Digital, Day and Date Programmed for 4 Years

Chronograph: 1/100th second and maximum 23 hours 59 minutes and 59.99 seconds.

Movement: Analog, Super Quartz, thermo-compensated quartz electronic and 12/24 hour LCD digital display with EOL Indicator

Battery: 399/2-3 Years and PLB Battery

Water Resistance: 5 Bars

Bezel: Bidirectional and Compass Scale

Crown: Two gaskets and integrated push piece

Crystal: Convex sapphire crystal and glare proof both the side

Diameter: 51.00 mm

Lug: 26/20 mm

Other Functions: Countdown Timer, Dual Frequency distress beacon having frequency of 121.5 MHz and 406 MHz and 2nd time zone alarm


Price List

How to ask for Rescue ?

To trigger Signal from Breitling Emergency watch, You have to rotate screw in anti-clockwise direction until transmitter comes out and straight the transmitter from both sides. You can see green color Light Blinking at 12’o Clock and It broadcasts a digital signals in every 50 Seconds which is picked up by SAR satellite and send it to Cospas-Sarsat in hexa-decimal code which gives yours Location.

                                                Be sure that Your transmitter wire not touching with Metal and liquid surface like water. After getting Rescue, Make sure to stop broadcasting digital signal by winding transmitter wire around watch or by cutting wire from both side.  

After Using this watch, You can recharge it by placing it in Charger given by Company. 

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