7+Best GTA 5 RP Roleplay Servers in India

Best GTA 5 RP Roleplay Servers in India

According to the latest Survey, GTA 5 is the topmost viewed and played game on platforms like Twitch and Youtube. There are more than 70B+ Views on GTA 5 live Stream. After PUBGM Ban in India, The Best Game is GTA 5 for content and this is the reason Why many GTA 5 RP servers had come up. It’s been more than 1 Year Roleplay is getting popular day by day. These Servers are not World wide popular but They are creating a Nice community among roleplayers.

The Ranking of GTA 5 Roleplay servers are decided according to some points like

  • Player Base
  • Discord Server Members
  • Number of Streamers playing on Server
  • Popularity among Viewers

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1. Nopixel Public Server

Nopixel best GTA 5 Roleplay Server

As every Roleplayer must have listened about Nopixel Roleplay Server. It is really difficult to get whitelisted for the main Nopixel Server as only Big Streamers are allowed or by donations. If you want Nopixel RP experience, Try to get into Nopixel Public Server as it is open for all. Many famous twitch streamers are playing on this server like Xqc, Pokimane, Summit1g, Shroud, and many more. The thing is even on Public Server it is way more difficult than you think as there are a lot of people already in the queue. So you need to take their Priority. For more information like Priority pricing, discord, and all READ MORE.

2. SVRP (Subversion Roleplay Server)

GTA 5 SVRP Roleplay Server

SVRP GTA 5 Roleplay server is the best Roleplay Server running in India as Many popular streamers like Payal Gaming, BCS Ragasur, Rakazone Gaming, Qayzer Gaming, and many more. According to the SVRP server owner Jack Foster, There will be SVRP 3.0 coming soon with more Features, less desync, or bugs. There are 120 players (Slots Full) who play on a daily basis and 45+ wait in Queue. Over 18,000 Roleplay players had enrolled into the SVRP discord server. For more valuable information like How to join, Rules, Whitelist applications READ MORE.

3. HTRP (Hydra Town Roleplay Server)

HTRP Hydra Town Roleplay Server

HTRP GTA 5 Roleplay Server is India’s most popular Roleplay Server as It runs by 9M+ Subscriber Streamer Dynamo Gaming. HTRP Server is a competitor of SVRP as They both are not only popular in India but also in neighboring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh. According to Admin, Daily there are 100 players on the server + 40/60 in the queue just after the Restart and 40,000 + Members on HTRP Discord ServerMany Popular streamers like Dynamo Gaming, Cosmic YT, Hastar BTC play on HTRP Server. For more valuable information like How to join, Rules, Whitelist applications READ MORE.

4. Exo Life Roleplay

GTA 5 Exo Life Server Roleplay

Exo Life Roleplay Server is also a Popular GTA 5 RP Server by Sushant Sharma AKA Shunick. Shreeman Legend, Dynamo Gaming, Rakazone Gaming, Unreal YT are some famous Indian streamers who are playing or played on this Server. Exo Life Roleplay Server has another level of popularity among Roleplayers as 350-400 Players are playing on the server on daily basis. Exo Life Roleplay Discord Server has more than 9200 Members where You could Chit-Chat with friends or ask for any help. For more valuable information like How to join, Rules, Whitelist applications READ MORE.

5. Nopixel India

Nopixel India Server launching

Nopixel’s owner Koel decided to launch Nopixel in India. That’s a great opportunity for Indian Roleplayers. Obviously, We will be seeing Quality and High-level Roleplay in this Server. Let’s wait for Nopixel India and hope for the best. READ MORE


6. Grand Roleplay Server

GTA 5 Grand Roleplay Server

GTA 5 Grand Roleplay Server is a Semi-Roleplay Server where your RP mainly revolves around Gangs and all. You can’t compare it with other Roleplay Servers like SVRP, HTRP, and Exo as Grand RP Server runs on RageM servers whereas other Servers run on FiveM. This Server has a capacity of more than 2500 + Players and 700+ RP players (include Indian and Outsiders) play daily.
Grand RP server comes with less lag or desync as there are no NPC (locals). This is open to all Server mean No whitelist interview is needed, Just download the installer and Play. There are 10,000+ Discord members on Grand Discord Server. For information on Grand RP Server click here to READ MORE.

7. Legacy Roleplay Server

GTA 5 Legacy Roleplay Server

Legacy Roleplay India was one of the Best RP Server in India as This Server brings the Roleplay scene to India. Almost every Roleplayer Streamers had played on this Server including Dynamo Gaming, Cosmic YT, Rakazone Gaming, and many more. Unfortunately, Legacy Roleplay Server had been Closed in India as Manager Ravi stepped down from his position of Manager But You can play in Legacy Roleplay Server Nepal/India by filling whitelist application.
If you were whitelisted in Legacy India then You can directly join in. According to Legacy Roleplay Manager Surya Sharma well known as Royal Luck, There are 50+ Players and 1600+ Discord Members. To know more about Legacy Roleplay Nepal/India Server Check out Legacy Discord Server.

According to the numbers, HTRP overshadows any other Roleplay Server But still, I rank it to 2nd because The Owner of the HTRP (Dynamo Gaming) server has 9M+ Subscribers on Youtube whereas SVRP has more players base than HTRP.

That’s it for today. The above-listed GTA 5 Roleplay Servers are one of the best available servers in INDIA. If you are playing in any of the Server, Share your experience in the comment box.

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