Best Fabric Shaver & Lint Remover in India Under Rs 1000

What is use of Lint remover or Fabric Shaver?

Lint Remover or Fabric Shaver are use to shave Fabrics or remove Lint, Bobbles, Fuzz from Clothes like Socks, Winter Clothes, Jackets, Blankets and curtains. After Trimming or shaving lint, bobbles or fuzzes from fabric, Clothes looks like brand new. 

How to Use Electric Fabric Shaver ?

To use it , You need to Connect Electric Defuzzer from Socket or Turn on if it is Battery Operated. After Turning on, You need to touch Product near Cloth and roam around it until it removes all lint.


The Fabric Shaver which is affordable for everyone due to its Cost. Nova bring Lint remover available at cheapest price and works well in comparison with other products. It has quick and Efficient Switch to turn it on comes with corded wire. It is of Plastic comes with stainless Steel Blades to shave properly. 

  • Easy to carry
  • Sharp and Steel Rotatory Blades
  • Made In India
  • Not Chargeable (Wired)
  • Plastic Material
  • No Charging Indicator

Azacus fabric shaver or defuzzer works on all type of Clothes like Blanket, Woolen Clothes, Socks and many other. This product can easily remove fluffs, fuzz, Bobbles, or lint from every Fabric. It helps to restore your cloth looking from Old to new. You will get Cleaning brush too with this product for free. It covers large surface area because of having Large Blades.

  • Portable
  • 6 Steel Blades
  • LED Indicator
  • Anti-skid Design with 8 Size of Holes
  • Plastic Body

Personic New Feel Lint Remover

Personic Fabric Shaver is Rechargeable lint remover which works on Carpet, Sofa, Sweaters, Curtains, etc. It comes with battery which last longs for 60 Min after charging it for 6 Hours. You can recharge battery using USB cable by connecting from devices like Laptop, Power Bank or Mobile adapter. It comes with razor sharp blades and SS mesh cover. It comes with Large Storage Bin and 3 adjustable height with 2 shaving Speeds.

  • Rechargeable
  • 6 Stainless Blades
  • 2 Shaving Speed
  • Quality Plastic body 
  • 2 Different Speed Levels
  • Last longs for 60 min after charging for 6 hours
  • No LED Indicator

Cornair Fabric Defuzzer

Cornair Fabric Defuzzer is one of the best Fabric shaver among I listed above. You can use this product on most of Fabrics from Socks to Sofas. It requires 2 AA Battery to run. It comes with Honeycomb Mesh Design to protect Fingers from sharp Blades. It has 2 Inch Shaving Surface and available in 3 Colors. It has detachable lint catcher and Comfortable Grip. 

  • Battery Operated
  • Stainless steel and Sharp Blades
  • 3 Setting Depth Control
  • Large Shaving Head of 2 Inch
  • Easy EMIs starting from Rs 482/Month
  • Can’t be Charge using cables
  • No LED Indicator
  • Costly in comparison with others
  • Usually took 4-5 Days to Dispatch

Philips GC026/30 Fabric Shaver

This Product belongs from Philips so of course You can Buy this product while wearing Blindfold. This Fabric Shaver can remove Lint, Bobbles or Fuzz from Curtains, Pillow, Socks and many more. The Stainless Steel blades rotates 8000 Times per minute. It have  3 different size of Holes and package comes with 2 AA Batteries and 1 Cleaning Brush. Philips gives your 2 Year Warranty on this Product.

  • Battery Operated
  • Sharp Blades
  • 3 Sizes of Holes to tackle all sizes of Pills
  • Rotates 8000 times/ Minute
  • Can’t be Charge 
  • No LED Indicator
  • Plastic Body

So, That’s it. These are some best Product which I recommend you to buy. If you buy these products let me know the best Product according to you and don’t Forget to Leave comment and share this Blog with your Relatives, Friends and Family members.

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