Best 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for iPhone & Android

What is Gimbal Stabilizer?

A 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer or Gimbal Stabilizer is a mechanical stabilizer that makes our Camera steady via three powerful internal Motors by rotating in 3-axis. You can use Gimbal Stabilizer as a Tripod or Phone stand too. Usually, the Gimbal stabilizer Comes with customizable Buttons that perform functions like Zoom, Tilt, Focus, and etc. The Gimbal Stabilizer is the best device for People who is a vlogger or love to take Some insane cinematic shots. Yes, This Product’s price is much higher than a simple Tripod but believe me, it’s worth to buy.

So, here I am giving a perfect guide so that You can buy the perfect product according to your needs or requirements. These products are well tested and used by many users.

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Zhiyun Cinepeer C11

3-axis gimbal stabilizer Zhiyun Cinepeer C11

Zhiyun Cinepeer C11 is one of the cheapest 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for iPhones and smartphones. You can use this stabilizer to took steady shots without any unwanted disturbance. This product is lightweight but powerful enough to handle bulky smartphones. It comes with some Cinematic Features like Dolly Zoom, Panorama, Motionlapse, Hyperlapse, and object tracking. To enhance your cinematic captures, C11 has modes like POV mode, Full Follow mode, and much more. You can connect your camera device with the “ZY Play” app in order to use controls like Zoom in/out, focus, pan, and etc. You can charge this stabilizer with a USB cable by attaching it with a laptop or mobile charger adapter.

Some Main Features: 

  • Handy Zoom and Controls using ZY Plays app
  • Cinematic Features like Timelapse, panorama
  • Creative Modes like Pan following mode, Locking mode
  • Weighs nearly 440 gm
  • Has 4000 mAh battery which runs for 12 hours continuously after 2.5 hours charging
  • Compatible with iPhones, Smartphones, and Gopros

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Hohem iSteady Mobile+

3-axis gimbal stabilizer Hohem iSteady Mobile+

Hohem brings 4 different 3-axis gimbal stabilizers among which iSteady Mobile+ is the cheapest and best for professional photographers, vloggers to capture steady shots. You can also use another version but They cost too much in comparison with others. This lightweight 3-axis gimbal stabilizer is just 280 gm and could record without any hindrance. You can Fold this 7-inch stabilizer and put into your trouser or Jeans. This product comes with cinematic modes like Dolly zoom, panorama, smart motion, and etc. This Hohem iSteady is compatible with each and every kind of smartphone.

Some Main Features: 

  • weighs just 280 gm
  • Pocket-size Gimbal (easy to fold)
  • Can use as a Stand
  • Gives Ultra-wide and Low angle shots
  • Rotate by tapping Once
  • Special modes like AI Face detection, Timelapse, Inception, and Fantastic Rotation
  • Has 2000 mAh Battery which last longs for 8 hours
  • Hohem iSteady Mobile+ is compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Redmi, Vivo, etc

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Zhiyun Smooth 4

3-axis gimbal stabilizer zhyun Smooth 4

Zhiyun Smooth 4 is an updated version of Cinepeer C11 with Grip Tripod for smartphones. This Product has many customized Buttons like play/pause, Menu, Display, Zoom Focus, etc. Smooth4 creates your smartphone into a professional movie-making video camera with the help of modes like Timelapse, Object Tracking, Locking Mode, and much more. You can also mount your own external mic. This 3-axis gimbal stabilizer could handle weight up to 210 gm of the phone and could roll and Tilt till 240°. The official app for Zhiyun Smooth 4 is ZY Play but It supports better with Filmic Pro.

Some Main Features: 

  • Supports Tw0-way charging (Stabilizer and phone will charge at the same time)
  • Last long for more than 12 hours
  • Many Buttons like Menu, Focus/Zoom, options, Flash, etc
  • Has creative modes like Timelapse, Locking mode, PhoneGo mode, and much more
  • Compatible with every iOS and Android Phones
  • iOS users get more options like Multiple Exposure, long exposure, Live telecast, Filters, etc in the App

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3-axis gimbal stabilizer DJI OM 4

DJI OM 4 is one of the best 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for your smartphones. It is not only a Stabilizer but It also works as a Tripod or Phone stand too. Using this DJI OM 4 gimbal stabilizer you could capture cinematic shots for your Youtube or Twitch video. You could also control or click shoot using Gesture Control. The Magnetic phone clamp and magnetic ring holder helps you to connect with a smartphone. This product comes with mind-blowing effects like Hitchock Effect,  Timelapse, Hyperlapse, and much more. It comes with Active Track 3.0 which detects your Face and focuses on it while moving. Yes Cost of this product is much higher than the other one but This is the best

Some Main Feature: 

  • Has Dynamic Zoom
  • Portable and Foldable
  • Can Join Phone with Stabilizer using Magnetic Clamp and Holder
  • Compatible with Android 7.0 or iOS 10.0 or above
  • Features like Active Track, Gesture Control, Quick Roll

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Hohem iSteady Multi

3-axis gimbal stabilizer Hohem iSteady Multi

Hohem iSteady Multi 3-axis gimbal stabilizer is the same as DJI OM 4 stabilizer but the difference is that This stabilizer is compatible with Gopro and Digital Camera too. It comes with 600° Panning and 320° rolling modes. It weighs nearly 1.2 lbs and could handle weight to 0.9 lbs. You can download the “Hohem Gimbal” app to add more effects and functions to it. It has some advanced modes like Dolly zoom, Face Tracking, Sport Mode, Panorama, and much more. This Stabilizer runs for 8 hours continuously after full charging.

Some Main Features: 

  • Handle weight up to 400 gram
  • 600° 3D Inception Mode
  • Hohem Gimbal app adds additional Functions
  • Come with Features like Timelapse, Hyperlapse, Sport Mode, Face Tracking
  • Compatible with GoPro, Android, iOS, Compact Cameras
  • You can control Sony Compact Cameras with Stabilizer Buttons

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So, These were some of the best 3-axis gimbal Stabilizer which is available in today’s market very easily and are easy to afford and carry in a pocket. All these Gimbal Stabilizers are rechargeable and can be recharged by connecting the device with Mobile Adapter or Laptop via USB cable.

I hope you like my post. If you have any 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizers which are listed above, Please Let me know in the comment box.

Have a nice day !!

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