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Best Free Video Editor

Openshot editor is the best free video for beginners as It provides all basic features, transitions, effects, filters, etc. You got many features like Trim & Slice, Video Effects, Audio Waveforms, Title editor, 70+ Languages and many more which are discussed below. 

Unlimited Tracks

You can add as many as watermarks, background videos, audio tracks, images in this video editor.

Cross Platform

Openshot is a cross-platform video editor where we can download this video editor for free in Widows, Linux and Mac.


Openshot provides fade, slide, bounce, swirl and many transitions .

Crop or Trim

OpenShot provides most easy way to cut your video and save your expensive time.

Video Effects

Here are some interesting features like removing the background from your video, invert the colors, adjust brightness, and more.

This is the heading

You can visualize your audio in a waveform and even output the waveforms as part of your video.

3D Animation

Feature which can Render beautiful 3D animated titles and effects, such as snow, flying text, flying images, lens flares, etc.

Text Editor

Get various Text styles with different pattern and stokes

70+ Language

Openshot is available in many languages that's why we can download openshot editor for free in any region.

Slow Motion

You Control the power of time, reversing, slowing down, and speeding up video.


  • Cross-platform (Supports Linux, OS X, and Windows)

  • Support for many video, audio, and image formats (based on FFmpeg)

  • Powerful curve-based Key frame animations

  • Desktop integration 

  • Lot of Tracks or layers

  • You can rotate, Cut, Trim, join your clip

  • real-time previews features while editing

  • Add watermarks and image overlays

  • Different Title Templates and sub-title

  • 2D animation support 

  • 3D animated titles and many 3D effects

  • SVG , to create and include vector titles and credits

  • Motion Picture Credits

  • Advanced Timeline (including Drag & drop, scrolling, zooming, panning and snapping also)

  • Frame accuracy 

  • Time-mapping mean you can fasten or slower the clip

  • You can mix and edit Audios

  • Many Digital video effects, including brightness, gamma, hue, saturation, chroma key, and many more!

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System Requirement

Free video editor have some benefits from large amounts of memory, modern CPUs, and fast disks. Basically, you don’t needed high end computer you can run on low-end PCs too. Here are the minimum system requirements:

  • 64-bit Operating System (Linux, OS X, Windows 7/8/10)

  • Multi-core processor with 64-bit support

  • 4GB of RAM (16GB recommended)

  • 500 MB of hard-disk space for installation

  • Optional: Solid-state drive (SSD), if utilizing disk-caching (and an additional 10GB of hard-disk space)


To Download free video editor Openshot Editor, Click on ‘DOWNLOAD’ Button given below. Then you can select your Operating system as your choice. If you are Linux user click on Linux Download, if not click on your operating system download button

Some Interface screenshots of Openshot

User Guide

OpenShot which is best free video editor is an award-wining, open-source video editor, available on Linux, Mac, and Windows. OpenShot can make staggering recordings, movies, and activitys with a simple to-utilize interface and rich arrangement of highlights. To understand the interface of OpenShot editor, You can checkout the user Guide which is available on there website. All Quick tutorials like import photos & music, add music to timeline, export your video and many more tutorials are there which help in improve your editing in a few time.

OpenShot editor is also Sponsored with Amazon web services program which help this site to improve this software.

Ask some Questions

If You are in problem, any error occurring or any Bug is there in your software then you can contact or ask a question by simply going to their site. Click below to ask some questions and solve your query.

Visit Forums

Openshot have Reddit Forum where You will get an answer about most of queries so that you will not waste your precious time. So, Yes if you don’t wanted to waste time on emailing or calling click below 


You can even donate developers of Openshot editors as They don’t charge to anyone. You can donate them through Paypal, Bitcoin and Patreon subscription. This will also help them a lot. To donate click the link below : 

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